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Zhongli High-tech Group Topped 50 of Technology Suppliers for Communication Devices

Author: Time:2011-07-30 Hit:929
  Zhongli High-tech Group Co., Ltd. once more topped 50 of technology suppliers for communication devices in the Fifth China Telecom Industry released in 2011.
  Emphasis on “Ability and Prosperity of Depth Transformation” taking multi-angle & aspect concerning business innovation, technical skills, service and social responsibilities, industrial-chain cooperation into considerations, subjectively mirrors overall capacities.
  Zhongli High-tech Group Co., Ltd., has been inheriting innovative-driven strategy, “one generation into the market, one into high quality, and even one higher in preparation” based on intrinsic advantages but years of explorations in communication field, received greater improvements on self-innovation in the field of photo electricity communication transformed single into multi progresses to achieve innovations on technical skills and sales services, constantly accelerated cultivation , upgraded their qualities, and then realized steady but fast movement.